CMHA History (Campbellford Minor Hockey)

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C.M.H.A. History

The Campbellford Minor Hockey Association was formed in 1958 by members of the Rotary, Legion and Kinsmen Clubs, and joined by the Lions Club in 1959. Representatives of these clubs were: Hector Macmillan, Howard Wilson, George Bibby, Dante Pace, Ray McKinnon, Lloyd Bullen, along with Bill Rothwell, who organized the local school league, which acted as a practice and training ground for All-Star teams. The league played at the Bridge Street and Kent Public Schools.

In 1971, the Campbellford Minor Hockey Association was incorporated; the first Directors were Bill Machesney, Tom Christie, Ken Hulsman, Bill Storey, Brian Runions and George Bibby.

In 1984, the name was changed to Campbellford and District Minor Hockey Association and the number of Directors increased from six to nine.

In 1994 the number of Directors was increased from nine to eleven.

On April 15, 2000, the Operations Guide, consisting of the Interpretation of Objects, By-Laws and Policy Manual, replaced the Constitution.


Past Presidents

1st Hector Macmillan 2nd George Bibby 3rd Howard Wilson 4th George Bibby
5th Dante Pace 6th Bruce Sharpe 7th Bill Machesney 8th Ken Hulsman
9th George Bibby 10th Brian Runions 11th Clair Lisle 12th George McCleary
13th Doug Stickwood 14th Mike Cork 15th Harold Douglas 16th Mike Cork
17th Joe Barton 18th Ted Nicholas 19 th Larry Metcalfe 20th Steve Thompson
21st Glenn Casselman 22nd Neil Allanson 23rd Tim Craig 24th Terry Carleton
25th Cathy Newton 26th Craig Petherick 27th Wendy Chrysler 28th Owen Brunton
30th Mike Sherwin 31st Wayne Kerr