Player Code of Conduct (Campbellford Minor Hockey)

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Campbellford Minor Hockey Association,

Po Box 1526

Campbellford, Ontario K0L1L0


Players Code of Conduct

1) I understand that participation in CMHA Hockey is not a right – it is a privilege. 

2) I will treat everyone involved in the CMHA fairly, regardless of age, colour, sexual orientation, religion, gender and place of origin. 

3) I realize that any type of bullying/harassment is completely unacceptable. Examples of bullying are:  i) Physical – hitting, slapping, punching, pushing, staring.  ii) Verbal – name calling. iii) Cyber – posting inappropriate comments or pictures on the internet.  

4) I will always maintain self-control. I will refrain from demonstrations of frustration or anger after a penalty or game loss. I will avoid unnecessary or exaggerated celebration of a goal scored or a game won that would embarrass the CMHA or demean the opposing team. 

5) I am representing not only myself but also the Campbellford Colts, the CMHA, and the entire Municipality of Trent Hills and am expected to act in an appropriate manner. 

6) I will show respect for my teammates, opponents, coaches, management, referees and timekeepers.

 7) I will follow the rules laid out by Team Management (ie: dress code, before game arrival time). 

8) I will be respectful of all arenas that I am in, especially the dressing rooms. 

9) I will report violations of this code to team management/coaches. 

10) I will read and follow the CMHA social media and Networking Policy. This policy outlines how parents should voice any concerns privately, not in public, nor on a public forum (e.g. Facebook, Twitter). 

11) I will be respectful of all CMHA property including the Campbellford Colts jersey I will be wearing. If I lose or purposefully damage any CMHA jersey, it will be my responsibility to pay for replacement or repair.


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