Parents Code of Conduct (Campbellford Minor Hockey)

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Parent Code of Conduct Campbellford Minor Hockey Association


 By the very nature of the game, hockey is physical and aggressive. When a game is as fast paced as hockey, it is sometimes inevitable that tempers will flare and poor judgment will occur. As parents, guardians and coaches it is our responsibility to encourage our children/players to play by the rules. We must remember that children learn best by example. When we show positive attitudes towards the game, other players, coaches, as well as referees, our children will benefit.


As a Parent or Guardian, I acknowledge the following rules that form this Code of Conduct:


1) Participation in the Campbellford Minor Hockey Association is not a right – it is a privilege.


2) Physical abuse or threatening abuse towards other parents, coaches, officials, players or members of the CMHA Executive will not be tolerated.


3) Foul language or other forms of verbal abuse or harassment towards other parents, coaches, officials players or members of the CMHA Executive will not be tolerated.


4) Respect and adhere to all ideals, policies and rules determined by Hockey Canada, OMHA and Campbellford Minor Hockey Association.


5) Respect the rules of the game, opponents, officials and their decisions.


6) Maintain self-control at all times.


7) Encourage my child to attend as many games and practices as reasonably possible in a timely manner and to notify the coach ahead of time in regards to absences.


8) Respect the facilities either home or away in which my child is privileged to play.


9) Remember that me and my child represent the Campbellford Colts, the CMHA, and the Municipality of Trent Hills as well and are expected to act in an appropriate manner.


10) Show respect for the decision, judgment and authority of the officials and timekeepers. Players, coaches, and referees are all human and they may make mistakes too.


11) Show respect for the feeling and abilities of my child, my child’s team-mates and the players on the other team.


12) Refrain from demonstrations of frustration and anger at all times.


13) Refrain from expressing opinions of coaches, players and parents from both my child's team and the opposing team in front of my child or anyone else’s.


14) Wait 24 hours as a cool down period before approaching a coach or member of the team staff as well as the CMHA Executive with a concern or complaint.


15) Read and follow the CMHA Social Media and Networking Policy. This policy outlines how parents should voice any concerns privately, not in public, nor on a public forum (e.g. Facebook, Twitter).



As a parent or guardian of ________________________________, a participant in the CMHA, I agree to adhere to the CMHA Hockey Parent Code of Conduct as attached hereto as Page 1.

I fully understand that violation of any provisions of this Code of Conduct by any parent, guardian, or relative of a participant or coach may result in an immediate suspension or expulsion from attending CMHA Hockey events and/or arenas for the remainder of the current and subsequent seasons by the offending individual. In severe cases, this suspension or expulsion may include family (including player) suspension or expulsion from CMHA Hockey events and or arenas for the remainder of the current and subsequent seasons.


In the event of an alleged violation of this Code of Conduct, the President, VP, OMHA Rep or LEO League Rep and Coaching Director will be notified immediately. This agreement applies to all CMHA HOCKEY affiliated events and teams.

An CMHA consequence is separate from a possible OMHA consequence.

I understand failure to sign this PARENT CODE OF CONDUCT will result in my child not being able to play CMHA HOCKEY.


I, ___________________________________ acknowledge having read this agreement and irrevocably agree to be bound by it for the duration of the 2023/2024 season. This agreement applies to all CMHA HOCKEY affiliated events and teams.




Parent Name: _____________________________



Signed: __________________________________



Dated: ___________________________________